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I am from US but have lived in Malaysia. I love to travel and have been all over Asia. I love the Chinese culture and women.

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欢迎您! 我喜欢中国女孩。 我仍然无法回复电子邮件,我付这个网站。 请给我写信,发送你的照片。 我稍后会回答。

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I thought this was a free site. I apologize in advance for not replying. I use wechat, John Huff.

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I'm an alternative, forward-thinking individual. I work for a software company. I like thunderstorms. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. I like science fiction. I do not like traditional sports. I believe in the virtues of integrity and honor and live by my principals. Music is important to me and my musical tastes are quite extreme! I like anime festivals, comicons, art festivals, science/technology museums/exhibits, and the occasional concert...and LOTS of coffee.
I am a very alternative open minded person. I do not think or act like others or how 'society' expects! I have a very deviant perspective and sarcastic sense of humor. I am more of a night-owl than a daytime person.I think way outside the pizza box...I am complex but not complicated. I am an IT geek, and work at a software company. I'm an avid online gamer as well. My partner should not expect 'the usual'...

I am looking for:
Faithfulness and honesty is most important over all. I expect commitments to be kept and really want a personal connection. I appreciate someone who is both feminine and strong. I prefer someone who can also think divergently. I’m looking for a very imaginative, forward-thinking, alternative-minded girl who is also practical and appreciates the importance of being prepared and planning ahead when circumstances require.
I like food and wine festivals, and cooking. I like to BBQ with good friends. I like anime festivals, comicons, art festivals, science/technology museums and exhibits, and the occasional concert. I like to rent/download movies and watch them at home as well. I also like a good, long game of chess…

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在自己内心找到幸福并不总是容易的, 但在其他地方也不可能找到幸福。




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I'm Looking For You.. xxx

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Even on rainy days you make my heart shine!!

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