VIP privilleges

VIP privilleges

Less cost

VIP member can enjoy cheaper gold price, 1 gold = 0.95 US dollars for VIP, while 1 gold = 1 US dollars for general member, once the gold is cheaper, every other paid service is cheaper

Unlimited messaging

VIP member can contact as many members as they want while general member can only contact 5 people in 24 hours.

Virtual gifts free

VIP member can send all virtual gifts for free

More Friends

VIP member can add up to 1000 friends while general member can only add 100 friends.

See who liked you

VIP member can see who liked him/her while general member can not.

Unlimited news feed

VIP member can post unlimited new feed while general member can only post two.

More presence

VIP member will be displayed in more places such as recommend or popular users etc

Last updated at: 1/15/2019, 10:22:55 AM